Data Analytics

Powerful AI-assisted data modeling and analytics in a SaaS or on-premises solution to your big data needs


Accelerate your data warehouse development to enhance your business analytics with the help of a powerful AI-assistant. See the magic at work.


Inzata is the first and only Artificial Intelligence assisted platform for data exploration and modeling. The only data analysis tools offering these powerful, time saving features.

Data analysts save an average of 80 hours per month by eliminating data preparation and data cleaning tasks with Inzata.

Navigate through data faster with the help of a powerful AI-assistant. Inzata’s data analysis product automatically profiles data, offering up new insights and suggestions based on real-time data analysis. 


Explore behind the data to see what’s really going on:

  • Hover over charts to see more detail

  • Use Inzata’s powerful Drill-Anywhere capability to explore data: drill up, down, left and right to understand the meaning behind the chart.

  • Create new views and share them with others – without modifying the original dashboards

  • Perform “What if?” and ad-hoc analysis with predictive models. Vary input features to see their impact on forecast results.


Inzata enables anyone to visually integrate and blend data from multiple sources and types, like social media, CRM, ERP Hadoop, or data warehouses―whether cloud or on-premise.

Create visual data pipelines to instantly pull data from your favorite applications (both in-house and Saas):

  • Enterprise Systems

  • ERP

  • CRM

  • Data lakes

  • SQL and No-SQL databases

  • Data warehouse

  • Data-marts


Over 200 real-time API connectors to SaaS applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Workday, and Google Analytics.
Connect to Cloud Data Lakes in Hadoop, Azure, Amazon Redshift, S3, SQL databases.
Users can also upload local data files (Excel, CSV, JSON, XML).
Inzata’s data analysis tool intelligently detects and classifies your data source and transforms it into a visual, graphical format – ideal for point-and-click interactive profiling.

Embedded Analytics
  • Give your company the ability to embed dashboards within business applications that support IFrames.

  • The embedded dashboards support all of the InViewer features provided within Inzata, like interactive reporting and the advanced-drilling capability in Inzata’s ad-hoc mode. 

  • Configure your embedded dashboards to interact with your website.

  • When a website visitor clicks on a data point within an embedded report, it can be configured to trigger another action on the site, such as displaying a specific caption to explain that particular data point, redirecting the user to another page, and much more.

  • This solution is the key to sharing important business analytics, in real-time, in the most convenient way. Give your company and customers the power to interact with valuable dashboards on popular business applications to derive the information they need in record time.

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