Engineering Analysis

Introducing a unique tools to help assess the performance of aircraft, missiles, drones, etc. Tools below are just a sample of the engineering tools we can develop for you. 

Mobile PPC

Flight performance planning calculator on a mobile platform (Ios & Android) to enhance your situational awareness of the various aircraft you fly. Includes automated weather and airport information data for convenience and for precise calculations. 

No more chart lookup; with two button pushes your performance numbers are quickly updated to a high-level of accuracy.

Our aviation software applications are developed to work on PCs, mobile devices (Android and Apple), and in the cloud.

Designs developed in as little as 3 weeks with prototypes available in 6 weeks.

DO-178 Level C Certification, IEEE Standard, CMMI Level 3

Intuitive     |      Fast      |       Accurate



Performance Engineering Analysis Tool

Creating easy dashboard-like views for model analysis.  Supports many types of data models with updates to "master" models made by users with the correct permissions. Minimizes time comparing various models or graphing them in excel. Upload your model in PEAT and allow any engineer or non-engineer see the results of the model based on numerous configurations.

Initial model integration takes as little as 6 weeks with plans to change models on the fly.

Intuitive     |      Fast      |       Accurate